Custom Services

You landed in this section fellow traveller, so you may be interested in our furniture collection. Let us show you around!

We draw inspiration from your space in order to create an environment that will satisfy your daily needs for comfort and functionality.

For us, every piece has its very own story and personality. From an idea to the final product, our dedicated team passes hours to design and produce high-quality furniture in a great variety of styles. Our collection disposes of a wide range of different types of furniture, made especially to match your lifestyle and aesthetic. Classic, Romantic, Retro-Industrial All these styles are waiting for you to discover them!

We guarantee you that here you can find a piece that you will cherish. Enjoy your stay!


Custom Solutions



Looking for ways to update your personal space? We have good news for you! Our experienced and skillful team can help you decorate your home, office or space as you wish. We offer you a variety of original styles and décor ideas that will transform your place.

The process is quite simple. All you need to do is to describe us your ideal space and your preferences considering the decoration style and the budget. A member of our team will visit the project location in order to create for you a complete decoration plan that fits you the most. Not sure about your choice?

Even if you don’t have a clear idea about how you envision your place, our team is ready to provide you a detailed decor consultation in order to meet you and help you create your dream space.


Decoration from zero



If you are reading this right now it can only mean two things; either you haven’t found yet what you are looking for or you simply enjoy reading. No matter the case, we are glad to help you! As your trip progresses you get to know our collection of furniture and services but perhaps you want to put your creativity into practice.

Our team can help you design your very own, custom furniture according to the style that expresses you the most. Just choose the type of furniture, your favorite style and the characteristics that you prefer like colors, fabrics, shapes and measurements. We provide you a great variety of options taking always in consideration your price limit. Instead of losing your time searching for the perfect furniture, design the piece that suits your needs and your space.

Don’t forget; it’s made for you by you!



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