‘’Timeless’’ is the word that can best describe this destination. You found yourself in the city of Classic, the only place that never goes out of style! This city will win you with its soothing atmosphere and its gentle presence. You can feel the old Hollywood vibes as you are wandering in its crowded streets. Every traveller knows that this traditional yet fascinating location is a place that everybody should visit at least once in their lifetime. It may be independent of fashion trends but this doesn’t mean that is outdated or mainstream. It’s a familiar and warm place that will make you feel just like home. So don’t fool yourself! The city of Classic has managed to remain popular decade after decade for a good reason.



Back to basics


Chaise longue

A key item that gives elegance
and value to your home decor.


A classic piece for your wall
that will definitely will catch
the eye in your living areas.


This classic furniture piece offers
maximum comfort and relaxation.

Bold, innovative, original! You are in the city of Modern-Pop. This destination will take you away with its bright colors, rounded shapes and its playful energy. In this destination, the strongest and most creative elements are mixed in a unique way, creating the most artsy and refreshing aesthetic. In the city of Modern-Pop there is only one rule to follow and that is to have fun! But you should remember one thing; this place is not for every traveler! It’s ideal for those who are open to new experiences or those who are not afraid to step outside their confront zone. It’s an extravagant, adventurous and thrilling city that will become your new happy place!


Modern Pop

It’s time to play


Wooden Drawer

This modern piece fits into
most areas and is spacious
enough to storage your belongings .

Corner Sofa

A special piece of furniture which
brings minimal lines,

Minimal Chair

Minimal lines Chair in
white color with a mat finish.

Have you ever imagined a place where anything is possible? Then you are in the right destination! In the city of Retro-Industrial even the most unconventional choices, create the most balanced scenery. At first glance this city may seem heavy or even unpolished but soon it will amaze you with its versatility and its sleek look! One of the main reasons that make this destination one of a kind is the contrast of its architecture. Metal and wood pair up perfectly with neutral tones, creating a refined yet unexpected landscape. This city disposes a powerful charm with its vivacious and renewed style. It doesn’t matter if you have visited this place before or you are just curious. This destination will definitely put you in a nostalgic mood!


Retro - Industrial

With a fresh twist


Coffee Table

This industrial styled
coffee table is a unique
piece for your living room.

Car Sofa

An original idea for
industrial style areas.

Floor Lamp

A classic solution for the illumination
of an industrial style area.

It’s not Paris but it definitely looks like it! The Romantic city is waiting for you to discover it, in the loveliest trip of your life. Get lost in its soft colored streets with the graceful curves and the delicate shapes. Many believe that this destination is all about flowers or cute patterns but that’s not the case. Romantic city disposes a fresh and contemporary aesthetic with the elements of elegance and finesse having the leading role. The truth is that this place never ceases to fascinate with its cozy and welcoming character. The combination of its sophisticated yet endearing scenery is simply mesmerizing. We can’t promise you that you will stay here forever but one thing is for sure; just one visit is enough to fall in love!



Add some romance in your life


Romantic Chair

This chair is sure to give a
modern romantic touch to
any dining room setting!

Ceiling Lamp

Wooden pendant lamp with 4 lights

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